Church Postcards

Church postcards give you the ability to send out thousands of invitations into your community at once. We have two types of church postcards—Church Mailers and Church EDDMs. Your choice will depend on which locations in your community you want to target. Check out the section below to learn more about what type of church postcard will work best for you.


Church Mailers are sent as standard bulk mail. The advantage here is that you can use a customized mailing list to target specific audiences.



Church EDDMs (Every Door Direct Mail) are the more cost effective option if you plan to saturate your entire community with your message. 


Popular Designs

We are always looking for new and creative ways to help churches effectively market to their community. Over time, some of our designs have risen to the top of the popularity chart. Want to see what designs other churches are using? Click below to view what's popular!

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"ProChurch Print is now my 'go-to' source for church marketing. With an easy-to-use online editor, superior designs, free PDF downloads and affordable printing, why go anywhere else? It just makes sense."

- Pastor Nick Minerva

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